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Technology is the key to success , today's instrumentation industry has changed dramatically , and now , from raw materials to product is no longer simply change the volume and flow of customers suppliers made ​​more demands.

Cheng Feng meter R & D center has a comprehensive knowledge of the structure , development and experienced R & D team , advanced hardware facilities of the center are available, mainly with " function signal generator, high-bandwidth Tektronix oscilloscopes , high-precision voltage source , conductivity tester , multi- frequency, resistance, voltage tester to simulate the working conditions of the detection device . " and other equipment.

Management Quality Control

Company was passed in mid- 2003 ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and management system standards and implementing all aspects of the company to achieve the control system through the control points .

Production quality control

Company in 1997 , Changzhou City Technical Supervision was rated as " qualified to confirm measurement units" , in 1999 was awarded the " Quality inspection of measuring instruments 99 recommended products" , according to the standard implementation of a comprehensive quality control, procurement of raw materials, production, packaging, storage and other aspects of the standard are strictly enforced .

Product quality control

The company has advanced measuring and testing equipment , all products in the water flow , air flow rate detection equipment to detect the actual calibration , in which 5000 liters bell is currently the largest corporate air flow testing equipment. Improved detection methods and strict quality control measures to ensure that our products are reliable, stable and secure.

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